A neck down photo of a woman walking into the room with confidence.A neck down photo of a woman walking into the room with confidence.
A full length photo of Jennifer standing in the corner of a brightly lit studio with her head tilted to one side, fastening her earring.

Branding for the Bottom Line

When done right, branding is the first touchpoint for your dream clientele and the last thing on their minds before they become full-blown loyalists. That’s why branding with us is designed for the bottom line. This means strategy even during the concept phase and rationale for every decision throughout our time together.

if you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.

/ Former CEO of Jaguar Land Rover
Jennifer walking across a bare room with a large book in hand.
Branding for the bottom line

Meet the woman behind the designs

Jennifer Bourne
|  Designer, Entrepreneur, Art Director

With a formal education in graphic design and a story-led approach driven by her film background, Jennifer knows how to build a brand that evokes emotion and drives purpose. She does this by combining a strong eye for aesthetics with a problem-solving mind that creates a collaborative and proactive solution centred around community building. Her belief that collaboration always yields better results has led her to build a team of talented experts in their respective fields to partner with as needed.

Jennifer’s mission is to help entrepreneurs realize their potential, reflect their purpose and both know and show their worth. She loves connecting with kindred creatives and entrepreneurs who are committed to running a brand with integrity and heart.

A headshot of Jennifer with her head resting on her hand with a soft smile on her face.

01. Inspire Pride

02. Lead with integrity

03. Champion curiosity

A Bauhaus style leather strap chair in a corner with a stack of design books and a glass of rose sitting on the floor next to one leg.

A process built on values

01. EXPLORATION – Good things take time and that’s why every project starts with an exploration intended to discover the cause and pain points branding will address in the creative process. Not just a series of logos, colours and fonts, a strong brand reflects your company by internalizing your mission, vision and values. The result is a brand you are proud to share with the world!

02. COLLABORATION – Branding is personal, which is why a collaborative environment is essential to our experience together. Thinking about your business holistically, we’ll work with you to create a powerful brand led by experience and an open mind to push the boundaries of what’s possible with innovation at its core.

03. INTEGRITY – We take a no-compromise approach to leading with integrity. This means staying steadfast with our own values and working with businesses that are committed to their mission. This two-way relationship built on trust allows us to craft brands that instill confidence through a creative process that starts and ends with authenticity.

We would work well together if...

  • You believe your business is worth the investment and are ready to up-level your story

  • You value a high-touch, personalized and trusted partner with the experience and formal education required to build your “this is it” brand

  • You want a collaborative experience and someone that takes the time required to get to know you, your organization and your goals

  • You want a brand that integrates all aspects of your business to last the test of time

  • You want to work with an expert to lead from the heart and push what is possible

Coloured paper samples, graphic design books stacked in random piles and a glass of rose sit a top a desk.